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Sustainability at your… bathtub!

Journal > Sustainability at your… bathtub!


A cloud of fizzy and soft bubbles has arrived: Malì introduces the bath bombs from the collection Malì skincare. Sustainable and at low environmental impact. The proposals from the Skincare collection expand with the colorful bath bombs, an additional treat in the moments of relax. As usual, the brand pays attention to the environment. Raw materials of bio and vegan origin and an ecofriendly packaging, plastic free and recyclable. Balls and hearts slightly scented which on contact with water melt, fizz and create a soft scented foam enriched with butters, essential oils, salts, fruit zest and edible flowers. An explosion of fragrances which distinguish the Malì skincare line. For a relaxing and regenerating bath and for a smooth skin soft as silk. A particular attention to the sustainability and to the environment keeps characterizing the brand that certifies its products as cruelty free, which guarantees protection for our pet friends. Wellbeing is very important but it’s even more important if faced with respect towards environment and the brand Malì acts as spokesperson for a very important message: beauty, quality, and sustainability. Malì... a sensorial journey around the world, sustainable, precious and scented.

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